Caroline Walsh is the newest member of the team and is our Business Development Researcher and Admin. Associate. Her role covers a range of functions and will primarily provide administrative support to the Skills and Care management committee. Caroline has over 20 years experience in the volunteer sector ranging from volunteer to management and governance positions in number of charities and not for profits. She has over a decade experience of teaching and facilitating in higher education. Caroline has three degrees, two at Masters level, including a MA in Management undertaken by research. Her passion, as well as a research focus, has been travel and tourism, this has enabled her to explore a range of cultural experiences in places ranging from SE Asia, Australasia, Europe and Scandinavia. Caroline is honorary research associate at the Centre of Philanthropy at University of Kent; and research associate at Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS), well-recognised, international think-tank known for its bottom-up methods of citizen participation, as well as its strong and independent evidence-base approach to social problem solving. Caroline is also a Restorative Justice Facilitator; Conflict Coach; mediator; para-academic. Her other research interests include barriers to participation (personal and political); the use of restorative justice approaches and theories, in a wider context, to particularly understand (political) disenfranchisement and disempowerment. Having previously researched issues relating to power, empowerment and participation in relation to disability; tourism and volunteering activities, Caroline is also interested in how restorative approaches can be used to develop community structure, strengthen cohesion and relationships.
Caroline Walsh 25sc

Caroline Walsh