Who are we?

We are a local community group that normally provides weekly community hubs for Nepalese elders in Woolwich and Charlton. We also work in Abbey Wood and throughout Greenwich, providing cultural outreach programmes for Nepalese and English seniors.


Why are you asking for money now?

We were lucky enough to organise free freight from Jet Airways for the first 1 tonne of relief supplies, but we have been inundated with more supplies and volunteers. The immediate programme has grown as more people have become involved.

We have already organised and shipped out the free limit, so now we are asking for funds in order to pay for further freight deliveries to our people on the ground in Nepal.


Where does the money go?

The26 Nepalese nurses who are going out to assist are all from the Greenwich area. Skills and Care are taking no costs out of this effort. All donated money will go directly to the freight shipping company to pay for the supplies to join the nurses and Bivek in Nepal. Any donation received on-line from 24 April is now being considered as part of the Nepalese relief effort and will go towards the freight costs.


Why donate through Skills and Care?

Our director, Bivek, has been able to reach out directly to affected communities outside Kathmandu. Currently, the status is that relief has been very slow in reaching rural communities. By contrast, our local Nepalese community is from these very same rural areas. The very strong links are providing a way to assist those who are not likely to see help from other relief organisations in the near future.


Who is Bivek Shrestha?

Here in Charlton, Bivek is a dad and runs a cultural programme with Skills and Care, teaching children music, dance and leading artistic projects. Back in Nepal, he is a major pop star, with number one singles and countless albums to his credit.

He is a recognisable celebrity and was out in Nepal when the earthquake hit, releasing his latest album. This is how we’ve gotten so far, because he is able to use his wide network of contacts in Nepal. We’ve been able to get quickly out into the villages and get them supplies.

So far, we’ve been able to get supplies and medical help to villages in ward numbers one and two Narayansthan VDC and Karve.


What do people need in Nepal?

While we are grateful for your clothes donations, they are not as necessary as blankets, torches, sleeping bags, dried foods (rice, chaana, pulses), medical equipment, tents, tent rolls, masks, disposable gloves, water purifying tablets and vitamin tablets.