Nepali Literature - A Workshop

 Nepali Literature

Nepal is a diverse country with 123 language spoken as mother tongue. The most spoken and official language is Nepali and it is also spoken in India, Bhutan and Myanmar.

Nepali Language is embedded in Nepali culture, history and tradition. However, with western influence in youth, they prefer speaking in Nepalish (Nepali missed with English) and it is increasingly worrying among the older population. But, among the Nepalese population in the UK, the language is slowly disappearing. The first generation of Nepalese immigrants feel that by next generations the community will not only loose the language but, they also fear that with the new generation, they will also loose rich cultural heritage.

So, the Nepali Literature workshop is being held at the Hub once every month, to keep the rich Nepali linguistic spirit going so that Nepali literature is appreciated, promoted and be passed on to the new generation.

The Workshop is delivered by International Nepali Literacy Society in association with Skills & Care Greenwich.