Reimagining Leadership - An open Letter to Fatta Thapa and Indra Gurung

This 13th of September 2016
London, UK.

Dear Mr Fatta Thapa and Mr Indra Gurung,

Ref: Reimagining Leadership 

Sharna Guness

As leaders of businesses, governments and NGOs we innovate, we grow. Our organisations go through continuous and structural changes, so do our people, our markets and our value propositions. What about our leaderships? My gratitude to both of you, thank you so much for last Sunday’s inspiring talk which you delivered in London.

Consider the biological process of 'metamorphosis'. In the moment when a creature first emerges from a cocoon, it can feel vulnerable and helpless. It is neither what it once was, nor is it fully what it is about to become. It feels more as if something has been taken from it, rather than, something has been given to it. Eventually, depending on which school of thoughts you belong to, by the miracles of nature's designs or by an evolutionary paradigm of time +matter + chance, it spreads its wings and flies.

What else do followers need? Beyond trustworthy languages, professionally crafted graphics, creatively synchronised and credibly executed speeches delivered by their outstanding leaders – here is evidently a reminder to all; leadership does not have a secret formula, what leadership boils down to is - people, irrespective whether they are part or an organised committees or unions or those who choose to remain unaffiliated. Human innovation remains a deep rooted desire to evolve and advance in a 'belonging community' whatever regimes, civilisations, cultures or political systems we seek to study. However, there are variations of vectors in the directions of travel, and speed of change affecting both leaders and followers.

Reflecting on diversity of leadership in our leaders themselves (past and present), their leadership style, leadership ethos, leadership values, all collectively transcend to ‘do good’ or otherwise, for instance, Paul Johnson warned us “the worst of all despotisms is the heartless tyranny of ideas.” The power of thought leadership comes with responsibility for those who commands over other, history can vouch for ‘destructive leadership’ and beautifully crafted ‘constructive leadership’.   

Visioning our future, I believe we are being asked by generations to come, to re-imagine our individual leadership(s). Our legacy, how we act in crisis situations, how the collective ‘we’ deal with ‘our’ past, what ‘we are’ doing today and what ‘we’ leave through our ideas and our actions. Thank you, I felt truly inspired by both of you.

Kind regards

Sharma Guness
Direct: +44 (0) 7920563589

Sharma Guness is an experienced Leadership Development Consultant with over 10 years in designing and delivering innovative leadership programmes that take cohorts of senior leaders, and other emerging talent groups, through series of linked learning interventions. He is an industry facilitator working with NHS leadership Innovation, Cabinet Office (Efficiency Reform Group), and blue chips such as British Airways, Siemens and WMG Jaguar Land Rover, where he develops tailored leadership and management programmes. Previously a Senior Lecturer and programme leader for Masters Degree at Bournemouth Media School, Bournemouth University and a visiting lecturer / MBA research supervisor at City University, London.

Alumnus: Cass Business School scholarship in Outstanding Leadership Executive Programme.